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ANTI:DOTE Unveils New Cocktail Menu: ‘Cure-All’

(From left to right: Wand and Potion; Ancient Love Potion; and Anna, Put That Little Finger Down! from Long Long Time Ago)

ANTI:DOTE lives up to its name with a playful twist! Their revamped menu, “Cure-All,” features a progressive selection of unique cocktails disguised as remedies. Head Mixologist Kingston Chin curates a global journey through cocktails, with sections like “Long Long Time Ago” (inspired by ancient remedies), “Grandma Says” (celebrating traditional cures), and “Modern Times” (showcasing innovative concoctions). To complete the experience, new tapas offerings complement the new drink menu.


The “Long Long Time Ago” section kicks off with the Ancient Love Potion (S$25). This whimsical drink transports you to dynastic China with a historical twist. Imagine sipping on date-infused baijiu, symbolizing energy and fertility, balanced with rosella kombucha for digestion and a touch of pink aromatized wine. Presented in a smoke-filled Chinese clay pot, it evokes an offering to ancestors for lasting love.

The “Long Long Time Ago” section also features the Wand and Potion (S$32 per glass/ S$128 per punch bowl). This interactive cocktail pays homage to the sacred cacao ceremonies of Mesoamerican cultures. Genever, a Dutch spirit infused with juniper berries, anise, and ginger, forms the base. Cacao, revered for its healing properties by the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, is then added. But the magic truly lies in the presentation: served in a glass cauldron, the cocktail comes with fresh herbs that guests can muddle into their drink, creating their own personalized “potion” and channelling the spirit of cacao.

Unveiling the “Long Long Time Ago” section, ANTI:DOTE offers Anna, Put That Little Finger Down! (S$25). This playful cocktail pays homage to tea rituals with its name and classic teacup presentation. However, a delightful blend of Pimms, Earl Grey tea, Hendricks’ Orbium gin, strawberry marmalade, mint, and burnt orange infuses this historical beverage with a modern twist. The result? A spirited take on a timeless drink – bold flavors ensuring it’s not your grandma’s cup of tea! Raise your cup and celebrate the rich history and health benefits of tea with this innovative concoction.


(From left to right: Ammachi’s Coffee; Pandan Everywhere and Obachan’s Secret from Grandma Says)

Stepping into “Grandma Says,” you’ll find familiar remedies with a modern twist. Ammachi’s Coffee (S$25) honors the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda with a whisky and rum base. Chukku kappi, a spiced medicinal coffee with ginger and cardamom, adds warmth, while orange ginger air provides a refreshing counterpoint. A non-alcoholic option (S$22) offers a similar depth of flavour.

For a taste of Japan, Obachan’s Secret (S$25) features umeshu, sherry, and gin with sparkling genmaicha, a green tea with roasted brown rice. This refreshing concoction is finished with homemade umami umeboshi, a pickled plum known for its immune-boosting properties, adding a unique savoury note. The drink arrives on a wooden tray next to a mini bonsai, further emphasizing the Japanese aesthetic and tranquil experience.

Finally, Pandan Everywhere (S$25) celebrates a beloved Asian ingredient. Milk tea-washed cognac and pandan coconut rum form the base, offering a smooth texture and lingering pandan and coconut flavours. Topped with pandan rose air for a floral touch, this cocktail is a delicious tribute to the plant’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.


Technology has revolutionized medicine, but age-old remedies still hold value. While new discoveries open doors to unexplored medical fields, traditional cures continue to be relevant. At Kingston, we embrace this synergy. In our “Modern Times” menu, we elevate timeless remedies with a touch of magic – using molecular gastronomy and food innovation to create a truly unique experience.

(From left to right: Déjà vu, El Padrino, and What Do You Want?! from Modern Times)

The “Modern Times” section takes a futuristic approach to classic remedies. Déjà vu (S$25) reimagines the Peruvian pisco cocktail with a homemade ginger tonic infused with cinchona bark, a historical source of quinine used to treat malaria. This nod to the Age of Discovery adds a spicy kick and a touch of sweetness to this refreshing concoction. A non-alcoholic version is also available (S$22).

El Padrino (S$25) offers a taste of Mexico with beeswax-aged mezcal, smoked honey, cherry berry mix, and burnt citrus. But the magic lies in the handwritten prescription for two flavour-changing pills that transform the drink, mirroring the transformative influence of a Mexican godfather.

For a playful twist on the Italian classic Negroni Sbagliato, What Do You Want?! (S$25) lets you build your own concoction. Three test tubes filled with butterfly pea-infused rum, sakura vermouth, Suze, and pear cordial offer vibrant colours, unique flavours, and a visually stunning, scientifically intriguing experience.

Fairmont Singapore and Swissôtel The Stamford’s Managing Director, William J. Haandrikman, emphasizes the creativity and innovation poured into this menu. He commends the bar team’s meticulous attention to detail and dedication to pushing boundaries, resulting in this impressive tribute to age-old remedies.

“We’re showcasing innovative mixology techniques,” says Head Mixologist Kingston Chin. “Many drinks involve sous-vide, overnight infusions, smoking, air foam, and other methods to introduce exciting new flavors and textures. Cure-All is a labour of love, and I’m thrilled to share remedy-inspired drinks with global influences with our guests.”


(Irish Oysters No3)

To complement the “Cure-All” cocktails, ANTI:DOTE is also launching a brand new evening tapas menu featuring an array of shareable plates. Indulge in the rich and buttery Joselito Paleta Ham (S$26) served with crispy Spanish crystal bread. Seafood lovers can savour the Hokkaido Scallop Dumpling (S$24) with peanut tofu and Kristal caviar, or pamper themselves with Irish Oysters No3 (S$16 for 2 pieces, S$48 for 6). For a vegetarian option, the Smoked Baby Aubergine (S$15) offers a delightful combination of red pepper mascarpone, macadamia nuts, and Japanese pentas flowers – a unique touch grown right on-site at the hotel’s Aquaponics farm.

(Chilli Cocoa Waffle)

The “Cure-All” experience isn’t complete without a delightful dessert! For those seeking a playful twist, try the Chilli Cocoa Waffle (S$18). This unique creation pairs the richness of chocolate with a touch of heat from a crispy chilli cornet, offering a delightful textural and flavour contrast. If you prefer fruity flavours, the Tropical Fruits (S$16) is a refreshing combination of passion fruit, coconut, banana, and pineapple – a perfect tropical escape to end your evening.

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